We believe that practical experience is a critical component of the program. After the second month of your study, you have the option to begin working with a company or NGO one day a week. The assignments will vary, however they are all data related. If you and the company want to increase that one day a week to more, we can arrange the schedule accordingly.


We will also provide access to hackathons and other day events to help build your portfolio and practical experience.

That depends on your experience, your interests and your personal circumstances. If you are seeking new work, we will have someone available to work with you through the program to help you find the right career step for you.

Again, the skills you are learning can be applied to any industry – think of your new skills as an additional  competency rather than as a job title. This is why we won’t brand you as a “Data Scientist” or other Data related title. You are a person with practical data science and/or data analysis skills.

No, we do not guarantee to find you a job. What we will do is partner with you and use our extensive networks to help you find a job. This is a joint effort. You can expect that you will attract a great deal of interest with your new skills.

Just as data skills give SkillsUP Lab participants more opportunities in the labor market, so do self-confidence and developing your leadership capacity. We believe these are essential Power Skills. In the SkillsUP Lab program, we have specialists in teaching consulting, presenting, and other business necessary skills. There is a minimum of 8 Power Skills days planned.

During the program, you will be joining our community. We learn from and with each other. In addition to meeting together, we are also connected online. After you complete your program, you will still have access to the community. This is a great resource for you as you go back to work with your new skills.

Communities are as strong as their members so we have an active participation expectation. If you are someone who prefers to excel as a solo, this is not the right program for you with our emphasis on collective success!

We are not able to provide visa sponsorship to attend this program. We recommend that you check with the requirements of the IND for questions related to staying or moving to The Netherlands.

The program costs are based on track choice. The Data Science track (4 months long) is 10,000 euro ex. 21% BTW. Total cost is 12,100 euro. This can be paid for by you, your employer or your future employer.

The Data Analysis track (3 months long) is 7,500 euro ex 21% BTW. Total cost is 9,075 euro. This can also be paid for you by you, your employer or your future employer.

The cost to start the program is 1000 euro payable by the first day of the program. At the end of the program, the remainder is due. This can be paid by your current employer or future employer or other combination. You agree that you will be responsible for paying the full cost of the program if your employer/future employer does not. Payment arrangements can be made for all parties - our goal is not to block access to this knowledge because of lack of financial resources.

This is an independent program, without corporate sponsorship. We are making this investment together. We invest our knowledge, skills, platforms, resources and networks to this program to strengthen people’s competencies and workplace retention. You invest your time, energy and share the costs of the program with us through your fee. This enables us to keep the SkillsUP Lab accessible for you and future attendees.

Refund requests before the program starts are 100%. After the program starts, refunds are offered at a pro-rated basis on fees paid up until month 2. After month 2, refunds are no longer available. Costs for certificates earned will not be redeemed as they are not transferable.

The community is critical. If personal circumstances require you to stop with the course, we can make arrangements with you to continue with a later program. Once the program starts, we will not accept late entries into the program as it tends to be disruptive to the community that is being built.